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NIOSH Approved.  GIKO 1200H GIKO 1200H masks are comfortable and well-fitting. They have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency* (BFE) value of ≥95%. 95% filter efficiency level provides better breathability and protectionThe appearance adopts an arch design, which greatly increases the internal space of the mask, relieves the sultry feeling during breathing, and makes breathing more comfortable.The mask body adopts a 3D pressure-less production process to prevent the mask from collapsing and deforming, without destroying the original performance of the filter material, improving the filtering efficiency of the mask and reducing breathing resistance.The aluminium nose clip can be shaped arbitrarily according to the shape of the nose bridge to ensure the tightness of the mask and the nose.The high-density foam strip relieves the pressure on the nose and is more comfortable to wear.There are 20 masks in a box/ Department of Health Human Services USA approved / NIOSH Approval Number: 84A-4653 / N95 masks meets OSHA requirements and CDC guidelines for TB exposure control / Tangle-proof straps and Nose foam strip for comfort.*Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) means that the filtering capacity is measure in both directions. The fewer bacteria penetrate the material, the better the efficiency. All N95 face masks comply with the BFE value of ≥95%.UsesIndustrial site: It can be used to protect various types of dust and non-oiliness generated during construction, mining, casting , wood, cotton, flour processing , electronics, pharmaceuticals, material handling and grinding, etc., and the concentration value does not exceed the occupational exposure limit fog.


Accepted for medical use under current EUA.

GIKO 1200H

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